About The Voice of Business (VOB)

The Voice of Business, the first ever & only Business Magazine at Faculty of Business Studies, The University of Dhaka came into life in the year 2007 with the mission announcement of "A disclosure from the future professionals". It brought out its first business magazine with great zeal coupled with creative exertion. It commenced on its journey with the intent to act as a spokesperson of the students of the faculty & to bridge the gap between the corporate world & students.

The Voice of Business (VOB) is the first and only student-run Business Magazine in Bangladesh. It’s an annual Business Magazine published by the students of the Faculty of Business Studies (FBS), University of Dhaka. As a business magazine it gives shape to the business thoughts of young learners as well as focuses on stories that provide students with a broader understanding of business leadership, industry innovation, international perspectives, and career tracking advice. Today after 6 successful issues the VOB has grown to become the largest student-run publication in the country.

Besides being a publication, the Voice of Business functions as a full-fledged business club. It is committed to bring in firsthand knowledge, tips and advice from industry experts, pioneers and leaders. VOB regularly arranges seminars, workshops, knowledge dissemination programs in this regard. On 2014 VOB launched its first ever and one of a kind contest, the VOB Writing Contest. With immense support from Faculties and Students of FBS and relentless diligence of the members, VOB has grown up to become the premium business club of the University.

The Voice of Business (VOB) is a non-profit organization founded in May 2007 by the students of eight departments of the Faculty of Business Studies (FBS), University of Dhaka. It is approved by the Honorable Dean of the faculty, Chairmen of eight departments and mentored by the respectable teachers from eight departments commonly known as ‘VOB Board of Advisers’.


To build a community in which business students and leaders can maintain a proactive network and also can help each other in building a better career path for themselves.


To create opportunities for the business students through connecting them with prominent business leaders of the time and to establish and maintain strong ties with industry experts from diverse fields for help with skills development and knowledge enhancement.



01 To stimulate the interest of FBS students in keeping up to date with contemporary business world information Inspiring and helping business students in maintaining liaison with the present corporate world big shots.

02 Providing opportunity to students to engage in organizing and work in proactive seminars related to career fields and corporate sector

03 To maximize the students' excellence in writings, communication and network building.

04 To accomplish and reinforce the spirit of affiliation and unity among the students of different departments of the faculty

05 Taking and maintaining our magazine’s level where students can access all the pros and cons and nooks and crannies of business, career and corporate issues.

06 Organizing various seminars, workshops and discussion programs to help students determine a clear idea of career and business.

07 Helping and creating opportunities for students Maximizing skill developments in leadership, management, team working, networking, idea development and sharing.


How we meet our objectives:

01 Meetings, seminars, workshops and other events featuring leading personalities and other authorities from the worlds of business, academic and corporate institutions.

02 Proactive membership of and involvement in committees, organizations and other bodies regarding the improvement and development of strong career goals and assisting in achieving those.

03 Organizing writing competitions and platform for students to write & read business articles Involving students of the FBS and the members of VOB in various events which help in building network with current business leaders.

04 Arranging various interactive programs which let business students share their new ideas and innovations and receive the same from knowledgeable persons.

Voice of Business is the 1st & largest students run publication of Bangladesh which is run by the students of faculty of Business studies, University of Dhaka.

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