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Inauguration of youth carival

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Unveiling of VOB 7th Issue

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VOB Magazines

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What is our MISSION?
The Voice of Business moves forward with one goal: to be the source of the best new ideas and guidance for those involved in creating, leading, and transforming business. Since its inception in 2007, VoB has been bridging the gap between campuses and corporate for students as well as has been bringing into light the key issues faced by executives and new entrants in the corporate world.

What is our CONTENT?
Each issue of the VOB is being designed in a manner which includes articles from a wide range of areas that are relevant to different jobs, industries, management functions, and business environment. Areas like leadership, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, negotiation, strategy formulation, operations, marketing, finance & Investment, and managing people are the common focus of the magazine. However even in these topics only cutting edge and fresh contents are presented. Besides these aforementioned topics articles on several non-conventional issues and business opportunities make up the contents of the Voice of Business. There are no limitations regarding the topic we feature as long as it is relevant to business and any variable connected to it.

Who are our READERS?
Our magazine is mainly centered on the students of business administration, corporate job aspirants, new entrants in the corporate sector, entrepreneurs and to be entrepreneurs, managers and executives.

Who can WRITE for VOB?
These insightful articles are the products of a lot of study, research work and analytical thinking undertaken by the writers. The articles are being put up by a range of writers which includes the Editorial panel themselves, Students of the Faculty of Business Studies as well as other departments/Universities, Faculty members employees and managers from the corporate sector. However every work is subject to scrutiny before being cleared for publishing to ensure these meet the VoB standards.

Guidelines for submission of articles/outlines of articles:
When evaluating an article, two factors would help it make the cut: 1) Fresh Thinking 2) Compelling & engaging content. Besides the following writing guidelines must be followed for the article to be considered for publishing:

[blocknumber type="circle" text="01" color="#FFF" background="#B31B1B"] Features word limit: 500-1700 word including sidebars, charts and/or boxes. [/blocknumber]
[blocknumber type="circle" text="02" color="#FFF" background="#B31B1B"] Types of features we are seeking to include: - Current business affairs, business research, national or international business news and views
- Topics relevant to different industries and management functions in Bangladesh
- Topics related to business or economics like domestic business, international business, new business prospects, capital market, FDI, trade policy, marketing strategy, HRM, business ethics, monetary system, business plan, CSR, CG, faculty news, operation strategy, micro and macro-economy, trade theories etc.
- Experiences of real business owners, business thoughts & ideas.
- Feature on entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives at mid-size companies, as well as those aspiring to start a business
- Reports on news & views of the Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka and prospects of this faculty and the students, etc.
- Skills for Career development
- New trends or burning issues in the field of business/ economics/ education
- Open letters suggesting any change which may improve the system of this Magazine.
[blocknumber type="circle" text="03" color="#FFF" background="#B31B1B"] Articles based on research should demonstrate the authors own analysis, thought and judgment [/blocknumber]
[blocknumber type="circle" text="04" color="#FFF" background="#B31B1B"] Use smooth-flowing syntax, parallel structure, and good sentence structure. [/blocknumber]
[blocknumber type="circle" text="05" color="#FFF" background="#B31B1B"] The article should be submitted to the editor of The Voice of Business within the specified deadline . We encourage online submission: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. [/blocknumber]
[blocknumber type="circle" text="06" color="#FFF" background="#B31B1B"] All footnotes and equations should be numbered consecutively; Explanation of footnotes should be given at the bottom page. [/blocknumber]
[blocknumber type="circle" text="07" color="#FFF" background="#B31B1B"] The article should be original and unpublished. The copy rights of the article will be reserved by the magazine. [/blocknumber]
[blocknumber type="circle" text="08" color="#FFF" background="#B31B1B"] Name(s) and address (es) of the author (s) with the title of the article should be provided on a separate page. [/blocknumber]
[blocknumber type="circle" text="09" color="#FFF" background="#B31B1B"] Please provide one high-resolution photo 300 x 300 dpi jpg file (8” x 10” minimum size) of the author, emailed along with the article. [/blocknumber]
[blocknumber type="circle" text="10" color="#FFF" background="#B31B1B"] The manuscript must be typed (Font-Times New Roman, Font Size 10 point) on one side of the paper in 1.5 space and normally should not exceed 4 pages. [/blocknumber]
[blocknumber type="circle" text="11" color="#FFF" background="#B31B1B"] All footnotes and equations should be numbered consecutively; Explanation of footnotes should be given at the bottom page. [/blocknumber]
[blocknumber type="circle" text="12" color="#FFF" background="#B31B1B"] Key words along with an abstract not exceeding 300 words should be provided right after the title. [/blocknumber]
[blocknumber type="circle" text="13" color="#FFF" background="#B31B1B"] Bibliographical references should be made in a defined structure preferably either Harvard Referencing style or APA format. [/blocknumber]
[blocknumber type="circle" text="14" color="#FFF" background="#B31B1B"] The VOB does not take any responsibility for opinions expressed in the articles published in the magazine. [/blocknumber]

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Voice of Business is the 1st & largest students run publication of Bangladesh which is run by the students of faculty of Business studies, University of Dhaka.

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