Committee 2007-08

  • Convener & Chief Editor: Md. Mahbubul Haque Khan - Finance-BBA 9th
  • Editor In Charge: - Md. Latiful Khabir - Management Studies-BBA 9th
  •  Md. Moniruzzaman Sarker- Marketing-BBA 9th
  • Syeda Shabnam Azad- Finance-BBA 9th
  • Head of Administration and Coordination: Mohammed Alauddin- Management Studies-BBA 9th
  • Head of Public Relation: Shabah kabir- Finance-BBA 9th
  • Head of Promotion and Ideation: Mavin Ahmed- Finance-BBA 9th

Voice of Business is the 1st & largest students run publication of Bangladesh which is run by the students of faculty of Business studies, University of Dhaka.

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