Administration Wing (VoB) basically works for the fluency in internal management of the Voice of Business. This wing maintains liaison with Chief Patron and Board of Advisers as well as all the members of VOB.

The primary task of the Administration Wing is to maintain the fluency of internal management of the Voice of Business. This wing is responsible for maintaining and elevating VoB and its members’ liaison with the Chief Patron and Board of Advisers.

The members of this wing have to be good in managing and coordinating staffs. Submitting proposals, selecting and recruiting, settling disputes, arranging meetings, organizing events are the key responsibilities of the members of this wing. An Administrative Officer has to be a sensible thinker, perceptive, and conceptual; s/he has to always be updated with the activities of the club and coordinate them. Administration works before the action takes place. It acts as a unique support structure to the organization, although by mostly working 'behind the scene'.
Mahimur Rahman Shawon

Mahimur Rahman Shawon
Head of Administration

Voice of Business is the 1st & largest students run publication of Bangladesh which is run by the students of faculty of Business studies, University of Dhaka.

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