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What is the crux of a magazine? The contents of the magazine, of course. From a macro perspective, the primary task of the editorial wing is to materialize the final magazine consisting of rich and creative contents. From a micro perspective, the journey to the final magazine begins with simple brainstorming, followed by putting those ideas on paper, followed by editing, editing, and more editing. One of the key tasks of the editorial members is to interview industry leaders and resource persons and to publish articles about their views, opinions, and tips in the magazine. The members of this wing have to be quick witted and keep up-to-date with the national and international developments especially with that related to business around the world.
Bidhan Sikder
Bidhan Sikder
Deputy Editor

Voice of Business is the 1st & largest students run publication of Bangladesh which is run by the students of faculty of Business studies, University of Dhaka.

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