Promotion & Ideation

Promotion & Ideation is what has made VoB a household name. It is what created the brand of VoB and works persistently on upholding VoB’s repute within and outside the University of Dhaka.

The promotion and ideation wing serves VOB by branding The Voice of Business and its outstanding career/personal development activities to the students of different universities. Its concern is to provide the VOB team with ideas about upcoming initiatives in a better and innovative way to reach a wider community of students, faculties and corporate houses. The key tasks of this wing range from generating ideas for promotional activities on a multitude of media and also executing the same to exploring new tactics of promotion.
Jahid Hasan
Jahid Hasan
Head of Promotion & Ideation

Voice of Business is the 1st & largest students run publication of Bangladesh which is run by the students of faculty of Business studies, University of Dhaka.

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