Treasurer of The Voice of Business

The treasurer has the responsibility of all the aspects related to financial management of this club. The treasurer has to work closely with every member to defend the organization’s finances. In short, the treasurer is responsible for the followings:
1.Monitoring the financial transactions and record keeping.
2.Financial reporting of every workshop or seminars organized.
3.General financial oversight.
4.Funding, fund raising and magazine sales.
5.Banking. Etc.

Given these responsibilities, the treasurer clarify the financial implications of proposals, mentioning legal requirements and charting the current financial status.

More or less, we all have something in ourselves. We need to identify the best out of it. I put my best in VOB and it served me more than what I put and eventually I became confident. So, I’d definitely enlist “The VOB” on one of the top achievement of my life. I love it.
Saidul Islam Bhuiyan
Saidul Islam Bhuiyan
Treasurer of 'The Voice of Business'

Public Relation & Communication

Public Relation & Communication wing has the very exciting job of widening VoB’s platform in the outer world all the while establishing a strong communication ground within the organization.

Disseminating information among the cabinet members, maintaining the documents for all internal and external dealings with third parties, having all the contact details of sponsors, advertisers and stakeholders, informing all members about meetings, providing information (both internal and external) across the organization, updating other departments, as well as all the wings with regular activities, maintaining liaison with the patron and advisor, and communicating with the media and researching activities are the primary roles of the members of this wing.
Najifa Tasneem Teesha
Najifa Tasneem Teesha
Head of Public Relation & Communication

Promotion & Ideation

Promotion & Ideation is what has made VoB a household name. It is what created the brand of VoB and works persistently on upholding VoB’s repute within and outside the University of Dhaka.

The promotion and ideation wing serves VOB by branding The Voice of Business and its outstanding career/personal development activities to the students of different universities. Its concern is to provide the VOB team with ideas about upcoming initiatives in a better and innovative way to reach a wider community of students, faculties and corporate houses. The key tasks of this wing range from generating ideas for promotional activities on a multitude of media and also executing the same to exploring new tactics of promotion.
Jahid Hasan
Jahid Hasan
Head of Promotion & Ideation

Publication & Distribution

The Publication wing serves the significant tasks of materializing the magazine to its physical form itself and taking the VoB magazine reach to new boundaries. It helps the organizing by distributing the magazine among various universities, corporate houses, book stores and stalls all across the country.

Key tasks of the members include managing the publication process, locating new means and tactic of wider distribution, planning and organizing information booth and coordinating the overall distribution process.
M. M. Mohsin Kabir
M. M. Mohsin Kabir
Head of Publication & Distribution

Knowledge Management & IS

Knowledge Management & IS, popularly known as the IT department is responsible for shaping up VoB’s virtual existence. These two relative terms “knowledge management” & “Information System” represent its identity and extent of activities. This wing has been aiding the organization, from its earliest days, with collecting raw data, storing them, processing those with great care, and providing the team with accurate and efficient information. More practically, this wing is solely responsible for developing and maintaining the website ‘’ and updating it from time to time. This means maintaining a separate virtual platform of our activities. Besides working with website, the members of this wing have significant role in some other activities of VOB. KM & IS also deals with graphics designing of the magazine published by VOB. Its members also take part in several roles when there is any event like photography, documentary making, banner designing, and bookmark management and so on.
Md. Abdul Halim
Md. Abdul Halim
Head of KM & IS

Voice of Business is the 1st & largest students run publication of Bangladesh which is run by the students of faculty of Business studies, University of Dhaka.

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