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  • rsz_jamilur_reza_efty

    Don't forget to celebrate your accomplishments, in the race to achieve more.

    Md. Jamilur Reza Efty
  • Kazi-Faisal-Arefin

    Family - Vin Diesel

    Kazi Faisal Arefin
    Chief Editor
  • Fahmina-Ahmed-Papia

    Everyone's journey is different. Don't compare your path to anyone else's.

    Fahmina Ahmed Papia
    General Secretary
  • Sadea Naowar Khan

    There is essence in both vulnerability and resilience, no tradeoff between humility and self-respect, and authenticity in inexplicable impulses of our secret selves.

    Sadea Naowar Khan
    Deputy Editor
  • Naima Zia

    The first step to achieve your dream is to believe in yourself. Dream | Believe | Achieve

    Naima Zia
    Head of Corporate Affairs
  • Raima Ibnat Choudhury

    Change is the only constant in life. You embrace change and you're already one step ahead of the others.

    Raima Ibnat Choudhury
    Head of Public Relations
  • "Dedication is a talent all on its own." - Alphonse Elric

    Sadia Tasnim
    Deputy Head of Publications
  • Nafij Al Shaikh

    Your life is all the decisions you make.

    Nafij Al Shaikh
    Head of HR & Finance
  • Romana Rahman

    I'm not great at advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?

    Romana Rahman
    Head of Communications
  • Shachin Chakma

    Life is not a race, its a journey to enjoy every moment and be happy with what you have.

    Shachin Chakma
    Deputy Head of Communications
  • Aysha Nayna Rishita

    Enlighten your life by your own charismatic qualities.

    Aysha Nayna Rishita
    Head of Promotion