Head: Fairuz Rahman

Deputy Head: Muskaan Tabassum

By joining and working on the communication wing, a person would learn how to convince and connect people by maintaining an effective flow of communication. A fresher can learn the A to Z of formal communication and how to handle online media platforms efficiently. The communication wing can offer the ultimate experience of how to deal with the third parties, to initiate and direct agreements and to make connections with lots of people and organizations in a diversified platform.
Roles and Responsibility of the Communication Wing-
1. Composing emails
2. Maintaining a steady relationship with alumnus and advisors of VoB
3. Ensuring internal and external relationships with other business clubs
4. Forming and maintaining club partnerships with different clubs from different universities all over the country
5. Active participation and prompt response to emails and messages
6. Maintaining spreadsheet to shape, manage and store data

Wing Members

Name/Person Desgination Contact(Email/Phone) Social ID Links
Fairuz Rahman Head Email: rahmanfairuz212@gmail.com
Phone: +8801967661256
Muskaan Tabassum Deputy Head Email: muskaantabassum363@gmail.com
Phone: +88
Musfika Sultana Oishee Senior Associate Email: musfikasultana794@gmail.com
Phone: +8801798615970
Rubaiya Zaman Nishi Associate Email: rubaiyazamannishi@gmail.com
Phone: +8801628290992
M Fatin Istiaque Associate Email: fatinistiaquesd@gmail.com
Phone: +8801798404253
Ragib Iram Associate Email: iram25mgt@gmail.com
Phone: +8801919264358
Tahmina Chowdhury Associate Email: samrinchowdhury16@gmail.com
Phone: +8801788070420
Farzia Hossain Associate Email: farziahosain206@gmail.com
Phone: +8801686934409