Head: Begum Marjahan Mumu

Corporate Affairs wing is responsible for external corporate communications. The wing has a variety of activities which include the followings-
1. All corporate efforts for business competition campaigns, annual publications and other advertisement activities
2. Meetings for potential collaboration e.g. communication with suitable sponsorship proposal presentations
3. Sponsorship relations e.g securing financial backing and overseeing sponsorship activities
4. Managing pivotal aspects such as project selection, monitoring and assessment
5. Systematically organizing governance process e.g concerned with structure and processes for decision making, accountability, control and behavior throughout the club.

Wing Members

Name/Person Desgination Contact(Email/Phone) Social ID Links
Begum Marjahan Mumu Head Email: marzahan.mumu@gmail.com
Phone: +8801842265098
Nishat Tahmid Munni Senior Associate Email: nishatinnum@gmail.com
Phone: +8801521560134
Mushfiq Ahmed Associate Email: prantikisc@gmail.com
Phone: +8801966542154
Safwan Billah Associate Email: safwanbillah@gmail.com
Phone: +8801971448502
Kashafa Khaldun Associate Email: kashafa.saira@gmail.com
Phone: +8801727654593
Ibastum Suraiya Associate Email: ibastumsuraiya@gmail.com
Phone: +8801945590143
Syeda Nusrat Mahi Associate Email: syedanusratmahi@gmail.com
Phone: +8801747041130
Fabliha Islam Himika Associate Email: fablihahimika1@gmail.com
Phone: +8801710348269
Jannatul Ferdous Raisa Associate Email: raisa2000jannat@gmail.com
Phone: +8801882794369
Habiba Islam Associate Email: habibaislam26b99@gmail.com
Phone: +8801708436572