Chief Editor: Maisha Nawar

Deputy Editor: Kazi Faisal Arefin

As Voice of Business publishes a magazine every year, the magazine is the pride and joy of the Editorial wing, responsible for planning, writing, organising, and hosting interviews to transcribing them and seeing the magazine through to fruition along with the Publication wing, right up to the point of printing.

Editorial is the wing that gives the club its identity. It strives to imbue an element of enlightenment in the magazine and everything else the club does, through informed thought, discussions, and exploration. Written below is what you can expect if you sign up for Editorial.

More intellectual work than average, research, and keeping up with current concepts and changes in the world. We try to bring the most important parts of the business world to students, you need to be in touch with them. If someone a curious mind, and have things one wants to share with the world, we will create outlets for him or her to express yourself as his or her want. One be taken on a journey of learning how to write better, even how to organise your thoughts, turn them into a story, and write it in a way that people will enjoy reading.

Wing Members

Name/Person Desgination Contact(Email/Phone) Social ID Links
Maisha Nawar Chief Editor Email:
Phone: +8801991955000
Kazi Faisal Arefin Deputy Editor Email:
Phone: +8801763233814
Sadea Naowar Khan Senior Associate Email:
Phone: +8801797907838
Kazi Fatiha Binte Habib Senior Associate Email:
Phone: +8801625202373
Rahat Hossain Raheem Associate Email:
Phone: +8801643498923
Md. Mustarikul Islam Raju Associate Email:
Phone: +8801627685053
Sadia Sharmin Associate Email:
Phone: +8801612288104