Our Journey

The Voice of Business, the first ever & only student run business publication at Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka came into life in the year of 2007 with the mission announcement of "A disclosure from the future professionals". It brought out its first business magazine with great zeal coupled with creative exertion. It commenced on its journey with the intent to act as a spokesperson of the students of the faculty & to bridge the gap between the corporate world & students. The Voice of Business (VoB) is the first and only student-run Business Magazine in Bangladesh. It’s an annual Business Magazine published by the students of the Faculty of Business Studies (FBS), University of Dhaka. As a business magazine, it gives shape to the business thoughts of young learners as well as focuses on stories that provide students with a broader understanding of business leadership, industry innovation, international perspectives, and career tracking advice. Today after 9 successful issues, the VoB has grown to become the one of the largest student-run publications in the country.

Besides being a publication, the Voice of Business functions as a full-fledged business club. It is committed to bring in firsthand knowledge, tips and advice from industry experts, pioneers and leaders. VoB regularly arranges seminars, workshops, knowledge dissemination programs in this regard. In 2014, VoB launched its first ever and one of a kind contest, the VoB Writing Contest. With immense support from Faculty Members and Students of FBS and relentless diligence of the members, VoB has grown up to become the premium business club of the University.

The Voice of Business (VoB) is a non-profit organization founded in May, 2007 by the students of eight departments of the Faculty of Business Studies (FBS), University of Dhaka. It is approved by the Honorable Dean of the faculty, Chairmen of nine departments (currently) and mentored by the respectable teachers from eight departments commonly known as ‘VoB Board of Advisors’.

Important Events

  • 2007The Journey Begins; Launching 1st Issue

    Voice of Business started its journey by launching its first business magazine back in 2007.
  • 2008VoB Week 2008

  • 2008Launching VoB 2nd Issue

  • 2010VoB Week 2010

  • 2010Launching VoB 3rd Issue

  • 2011VoB Week 2011

  • 2011Launching VoB 4th Issue

  • 2013VoB Week 2012-13

  • 2013Launching VoB 5th Issue

  • 2014Writing Contest 2014

    Unearthing writing prodigies, VoB hosts 1st national level business writing contest from FBS.
  • 2014VoB Week 2014

  • 2014Launching VoB 6th Issue

  • 2015Writing Contest 2015

  • 2016VoB Week 2016

  • 2016Launching VoB 7th Issue

  • 2017VoB Week 2017

  • 2017Launching VoB 8th Issue

  • 2017BRANDrill 2017

    Boosting Business Brilliance, VoB hosts 1st ever branding based business competition from FBS “BRANDrill”.
  • 2018VoB Week 2018

  • 2018Launching VoB 9th Issue

  • 2018Launching of VoB Website

  • 2018BRANDrill 2018

  • 2019Writing Contest 2019

  • 2019VoB Week 2019

  • 2019Launching VoB 10th Issue

  • 2019BIZnnovation 2019

  • 2020Writing Contest 2020

  • 2020BRANDrill 2020

  • 2020Launching VoB 11th Issue

  • 2021Writing Contest 2021

  • 2021BRANDrill 2021

  • 2022Launching VoB 12th Issue

  • 2022VoB Week 2022