Information Technology and Knowledge Management wing activities are segmented in two parts, The IT (Information Technology) part and the KM (Knowledge Management) parts. The activities of IT or Information Technology segment mainly covers the followings-
1. Managing the official website of Voice of Business, https://thevob.org/
2. Always keeping the website up-to-date with blogs, news posts, etc
3. Coming up with ideas on how to improve the website to make it more interactive, increase traffic and overall performance

The activities of KM or Knowledge Management segment mainly covers-
1. The management of the technological aspects of club events and activities which are held via online platforms such as online seminars, managing these online platforms (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams)
2. The management of the technological aspects of offline club events and activities such as offline competitions, seminar, etc
3. Overseeing the technological aspects and making sure things go smoothly

Wing Members

Name/Person Desgination Contact(Email/Phone) Social ID Links
Zohra Mirza Senior Associate Email: mirzazohra1000@gmail.com
Phone: +8801999988789
Kazi Tasnim Ferdous Associate Email: ferdous-2018120709@fin.du.ac.bd
Phone: +8801874142737