To stimulate the interest of FBS students in keeping up to date with contemporary information of the business world



1. To provide opportunity to students to engage in organizing and working in proactive seminars related to career fields and corporate sectors
2. To maximize the students' excellence in writings, communication, and network building
3. To accomplish and reinforce the spirit of affiliation and unity among the students of different departments of the faculty
4. To have privilege of our magazine where students can access all the pros and cons and nooks and crannies of business, career, and corporate issues
5. To organize various seminars, workshops, and discussion programs to help students determine a clear idea of career and business
6. To help and create opportunities for students to maximize skill developments in leadership, management, team working, networking, idea development, and sharing



1. Arranging meetings, seminars, workshops, and other events featuring leading personalities and other authorities from the worlds of business, academic, and corporate institutions
2. Organizing writing competitions and platform for students to write and read business articles
3. Involving the students of FBS and the members of VoB in various events which help them to build network with current business leaders
4. Arranging various interactive programs which let business students share their new ideas and innovations and receive the same from knowledgeable persons
5. Managing proactive membership and involvement in committees, organizations, and other bodies regarding the improvement and development of strong career goals and assisting in achieving these goals