Head: Pooja Paromita

An initiative becomes successful only when it reaches more and more people. The Promotion wing brings out the interest from people and makes them eager to know more about us. The core tasks of this wing include-
1. Creating buzz for every occasion, affairs and exercise among people
2. Creative ideas for grabbing more attention with lucrative content throughout the year
3. Making online and offline promotional plans for every event to reach more and more people
4. Consistency with the visual and maintain communication with Publication wing
5. Sharing posts of events and making the target group aware of them through both online and offline promotional activities

The Promotion wing puts uncompromising effort to enlighten Voice of Business, create the hype, and innovate attractive content and many other revolutionary works to enhance their identity and activities.

Wing Members

Name/Person Desgination Contact(Email/Phone) Social ID Links
Pooja Paromita Head Email: paromita.pooja96@gmail.com
Phone: +88
Romana Rahman Associate Email: meghrahman1234@gmail.com
Phone: +8801924408513
Naima Zia Associate Email: zia.naimazia@gmail.com
Phone: +8801737530443