The Job Market: Career Prospects in Human Resource

The Job Market: Preparation and Prospects from Student Life
June 9, 2020
The Job Market: Supply Chain Management & Its Career Prospects
June 22, 2020

The Job Market: Career Prospects in Human Resource

Voice of Business organized a webinar on how the students should prepare themselves for a prospecting career in Human Resource on 7th June 2020. The speaker of the webinar was Akib Azmine Amer who has been working as the Acting Recruitment lead - Bangladesh, Middle East & South Asia at British American Tobacco Bangladesh.

Opportunities for Students
  • Experience and Relevant Skills: Multinational companies prefer experience over certified qualifications
  • Experiences focused towards HR will be beneficial
  • Club work, competitions, seminars, part time jobs, hobbies, voluntary personal projects, workshops, freelancing, interests are possible areas of experience and skill development

Skills Needed
  • Organizing Events
  • Creative Thinking
  • Communication
  • People Management
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Decision Making
  • Data Analysis
  • Professionalism

As an HR personnel, showing empathy to coworkers is very important. Another necessary aspect of HR is to pay attention to details.

Pillars Within HR
  • Compensation and Benefits: If you want to know more, look into salary structure and payroll systems
  • Shared Services: Basically the integration of IT into HR in general, will cover everything from payrolls to employee history
  • Talent Acquisition: The company trying to find people they want to employ by establishing the company brand. Also includes the recruitment process all the way to onboardingOrganizational Development: They work with policy, culture and process. They use programs and communications to get this done. They're also in charge of developing company policy in order to further the brand identity within the organization and helping develop the culture
  • Business Partnering: The section of HR that connects them to the rest of the company. This could be other departments or other branches. They are essentially HR representatives for the rest of the company
  • Industrial/ Employee Relation: They are responsible for handling relationships with floor workers or factory workers. Huge emphasis on labor law. Negotiation is also a crucial part of this section
  • Learning and Development: The section of HR dedicated to training employees at all levels for all different purposes in all occupations. They're also responsible for developing training programs

  • Have specialized CVs
  • Make your skills relevant
  • Research the field you want to work in
  • Use this current time
  • Do not try to do everything, pick a direction and go for it

Kazi Faisal Arefin
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