The Job Market: Supply Chain Management & Its Career Prospects

The Job Market: Career Prospects in Human Resource
June 10, 2020
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August 14, 2020

The Job Market: Supply Chain Management & Its Career Prospects

Voice of Business organized a webinar on how the students should prepare themselves for a prospecting career in Supply Chain Management on 13th June 2020. The speaker of the webinar was Md. Abdul Alim who has been working as the Procurement Operation Manager (Head of Function) at Unilever Bangladesh limited.

SCM Handling the Post Pandemic Situation
SCM is already running its business outside maintaining the protocol properly and is expected to do so after the pandemic is over. The objective of the SCM remains increasing the supply chain profitability by ensuring proper flow of three elements; information, products and funds.

Different Cycles of Supply Chain
  • Customer Order Cycle
  • Replenishment Cycle
  • Manufacturing Cycle
  • Procurement Cycle

Changes in SCM due to COVID - 19
  • Acting in accordance with the changes
  • Shifting workplace
  • Utilizing alternative resources to cope up with the situation and meeting the demand

Supply Chain Management Courses
  • Major courses from IBA, BUP, NSU, BRACU
  • Other courses like IDC (Geneva), CIPS (UK), SCMP (Canada), PGD (Bangladesh) are also very helpful
  • Different online courses to learn more about SCM

Differences Between CV & Resume
  • CV (academic purpose) | Resume (other jobs)
  • CV (more detailed, no limit) | Resume (concise, up to 2 pages)
  • Resume is for the position for which one is going to apply | CV has all the information

Resume Formatting Tips
  • Looking for keywords in the job postings
  • Preparing resume in line with respective industry
  • Keeping it recent and relevant
  • Using active language
  • Making contact info prominent
  • Using a professional font
  • Giving attention to important achievements
  • Keeping it reversed, recent experiences should be listed first

Israt Jahan Holy
Kazi Fatiha Binte Habib
Musfika Sulatan Oishee

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