Voice of Business consists of 8 wings who have different responsibilities. A brief about the responsibilities of these wings are presented below.

1) Editorial: In charge of publishing the “Voice of Business Magazine” every year, oversees the writing contest, and handles all the blogs and creative writing-related activities.

2) Publications: In charge of designing social media posts, magazine graphics, video editing, event posters, banners etc.

3) Corporate Affairs: In charge of developing relationships with the sponsors, advertisers and important corporate connections.

4) Promotion: In charge of upholding the image and branding of Voice of Business on different online platforms.

5) Public Relations: In charge of managing the media coverage of Voice of Business through different news portals, television channels, radio stations etc.

6) HR & Finance: In charge of handling the internal member’s recruitment and selection, well-being, development, and conflict management. It also oversees the funds of Voice of Business and ensures efficient use of that.

7) IT and KM: In charge managing the website of Voice of Business and other technical activities.

8) Communications: In charge of developing and maintaining a network with outside organisations and community for Voice of Business.