Writing Contest

Writing Contest

New business platforms have been growing dynamically for the past few years which are making people’s lifestyle easier and burgeoning. One of the mentionable sectors of these platforms is the Sharing Economy model. Sharing and exchanging necessary goods and services with each other through a business platform has been on the rise. Numerous factors are being impacted by Sharing Economy concept and also resulting in the innovation of new ideas continuously. To facilitate the students to express their thoughts and creative ideas, Voice of Business organizes Writing Contest almost every year.

  • 2015
    Writing Contest 2015

    Unearthing writing prodigies, VoB hosts 1st national level business writing contest from FBS.
  • 2017
    Writing Contest 2017

  • 2018
    Writing Contest 2018

  • 2019
    Writing Contest 2019

  • 2020
    Writing Contest 2020